2017 Aussie Christmas Gift Guide

I would like to introduce you to our 2017 Aussie Christmas Gift Guide! We hope to do something similar every year for you. Hopefully it will help you out if you are struggling to buy gifts for those hard to buy for family members or friends. Also, this is a super long blog post for Kudos if you get through it 😉

PLEASE NOTE: Our Christmas Guides are released yearly with ‘current stock’. Please keep in mind that if you are viewing previous years Gift Guides, that some items may not be available for purchase anymore. Please contact use if you have any questions! 


// Gents //

First up, Gents. This section is based on guys in the 24ish to 60ish bracket. We find that most customers select gifts for guys that are pretty ‘safe’. From the practical to the fancy.


1.  The good’ol SoL cup. The one we selected is Grey, but they come in a range of different colours. (You can check out the full colour range in our SoL Brand Page). These SoL cups come in a pretty fancy gift box, so they look way more expensive than they are. It’s also a gift that they will be able to reuse for years to come. This easy and practical gift idea wins our vote for the most cost effective gift choice for guys.

2.  Moving higher up on the budget here, but not to much with the Alchemy Produx Black Reed Diffuser. Generally our guy customers won’t go for the candles, they go for this manly looking diffuser! *chest bump*. We also find that the point of difference (the flask/chemistry look) makes an interesting unique gift that you wouldn’t find at your corner shop! This product comes in pretty fancy packaging and has enough scent to last a long time. It’s Australian made and comes in 7 scents, so you can customise according to his taste. Simply select a scent and there will be a scent description that will pop down underneath the scent drop down menu. This one comes to $49.

 3.  Moving even further up the budget for those who are looking at spending $100+, we picked the Hunter Lab Daily Tool Kit (which is $124). This is a luxury men’s Natural skincare range which is made in Australia. It smells pretty damn amazing too. The pack includes 3 of Hunter Labs most popular products: Face Fuel (which is a manly way of naming moisturiser), Facial Scrub, Body Wash and a Felt and Leather grooming bag. It’s over $75, so you will get free delivery through us, so no more to pay!


// Ladies //

Time for the ladiessss, again, we selected a similar age bracket 24ish to 60sh. Ladies can be a little more easier to buy for, plus the Luxah range is targeted towards gals, so obviously we have quiet a lot of options for you. However, because Christmas is almost here, we figured we would focus this more towards your mum, sister-in-law, boss even? (If your Boss is female. Wishful thinking coming from a female founded business haha).

Aussie Christmas Gift Guide // 2017 Aussie Christmas Gift GuideAussie Christmas Gift Guide // 2017 Aussie Christmas Gift GuideClaudette Chunky Knit Throw // 2017 Aussie Christmas Gift Guide

1.  The 24K Perfecting Active Gold Eye Mask wins our vote for the most popular and most cost effective product for the ladies. There’s no gal out there that doesn’t deserve a pamper gift and this one is truely up there! (Even if it’s a little stocking filler or add-on to a bigger gift). We have customers buy this stuff in bulk so it must be amazing, right? This one’s just $8.95.

2.  Boom! Kester Black nail polishes! These are my go-to nail polish brand (mainly because they help your nails to grow), but they are also vegan, made in Australia and don’t have the regular nasty ingredients that are in mainstream nail polishes. They come in a wide range of colours to suit any taste. Even If your mum, mum-in-law doesn’t usually wear nail polish, this stuff will strengthen her nails and in most cases help them to grow. We also stock a nude colour so that’s always an option. All Kester Black Nail Polishes are $20 each.

3.  Okay, so moving onto the top end of the budget now, the Claudette Chunky Kit Throw by Collective Sol. This is an Australian Designed, Hand made super soft throw that is of great quality. We’ve had a couple of orders from guys buying for their partners with this one. Obviously, not quiet the perfect weather for it coming into summer, but this one seems to sell very well around this time of year…not sure about that one. This one comes to $139 with free deliver to your door.


// Teacher Gifts //

Teacher Gifts have been BIG this year. We’ve had a lot of requests on what the go-to gifts for teacher are… The main aim here was to find a nice gift but to not go ridiculous with cost as a lot of families out there had more than one teacher gift to buy.. So here’s our picks for Teacher Gifts!

Saltie Soul Sorbet Mousse // 2017 Aussie Christmas Gift GuideLarge Pearl Mug // 2017 Aussie Christmas Gift GuideBerry Bang Loose Leaf Tea // 2017 Aussie Christmas Gift GuideDamselfly Candle // 2017 Aussie Christmas Gift Guide

1.  So if you haven’t heard of this stuff- you’re missing out. really. It’s the Sorbet Body Mousse. I can well and truely say that this stuff should be on every single one of these lists. We are obsessed with it, and we can tell you are too (if you purchased this to try) we can see your repeat orders! So, absolute dibs on the Coconut and Lime one (it’s our fav), also comes in ‘Candied Lemon’, ‘Seaberry Sweet Orange’, and “Watermelon”. (we’re currently sold out of the Coconut and Lime and also the Watermelon, but hopefully by the time you read this we would have received our top up ready for Christmas!). Why do people love this? Well, it’s like rubbing strong smelling sorbet all over your body. How could that not be amazing! If you haven’t tried this product before, give it a go, you won’t be disappointed. Also, our pick for teachers because you can’t really go wrong with it- everyone loves it. Cost is $24.99.

2.  Our Large Pearl Mug is an easy Teacher Gift. We have a couple of other mug styles but we are pretty into this one right now because it comes beautifully packaged, ready to gift! and at $24.95 it’s an easy cost effective gift for a teacher.

3.  We have a range of beautifully hand painted coasters that we sell at Luxah (The one featured here is called Tropical Splash). All Limited Editions – so once they are sold out, we won’t see then again. These are a great way to jazz up a boring desk and they are very sturdy, set to defeat those coffee stains. They come in a drawstring bag and are very affordable at $26.95.

4.  Tea! …pretty cute Tea… (obviously for a tea drinker), but then again, I’m a coffee drinker and I don’t mind the Berry one. This one’s called Berry Bang by Cuppa and Co. There’s two other flavours: Little Earl and Cheeky Chai. Yes, even their names are cute. At $8.95 it’s a pretty easy teacher gift.

5.  Really depends on the gender with this one, but these Silver Glitter Glass Studs by Behind the Door are super stunning for their price. They are only $16.95! I think I selected these because I have 2 teacher friends that love these and wear them to school. So there you go, these earring remind me of teachers haha

6.  So this one is a bit of a splurge, we are only adding it because we have had a lot of orders of these and you’ve told us that they are for teachers. Maybe for the ‘fav’ teacher or that teacher that has gone out of their way, or you guys have way bigger budgets than I would have personally allowed for teacher gifts 😉 This one- “You’re a Whole Lot of Lovely” at $39.95 has been popular, also another candle “Ain’t No Hood Like Motherhood’ has also been a fav at $42.95.


// Kids //

These are our best picks for Kids. We have tried to keep it fairly gender neutral but most of these have variants that can be for either a boy or a girl.

Raspberry Cupcake Soap // 2017 Aussie Christmas Gift GuideHoney Comb Play Pouch // 2017 Aussie Christmas Gift GuideSuper Hero Bunny Toy // 2017 Aussie Christmas Gift Guide

GiftSave1. This super cute Cupcake Soap. We have some other variants but this one is our pick because it’s, well, the ‘cutest’. All Cupcake Soaps are on a super special at the moment, and they are limited (so once sold out, they are retiring). These are originally $9.95 reduced to $5! All hand-made with natural ingredients (Goats Milk being the key ingredient). Made in Australia and they smell devine!

2. The Australian Play Pouch, is a massive winner amongst parents and kids a-like. They come in a range of different colours and patterns and are one of our best sellers for kids homewares. What are they? you may ask… well, this product is designed to neatly hold bits and pieces, lego bits, and toys so that you can easily take out for play time and quickly pack away when not being used. Saves so time on clean up! This product is made to last and is priced at $70.

3. This little guy (well, he’s actually quiet big) is our pick for best toy. The Alimrose Super Hero Bunny is suitable from 3 years and makes a pretty cute nursery decor piece until then. It’s great for boys and girls and is extremely well made. This one comes to $59.95

4. We thought we would add this one on as it’s been super popular. The Krispy Dreme Donut Cushion comes in 4 different designs and adds a bit of fun and imagination to a kids room. The Cream has been the most popular with the Metallic patterns following closely behind. This brand name cushion is $55.


// Baby //

Babies are pretty easy to buy for… basically because they aren’t even aware of what they like yet, but we have some pretty cute practical gifts that the babies parents will love you for.

Blok Teether // 2017 Aussie Christmas Gift GuideBanjo Kippin // 2017 Aussie Christmas Gift GuideKip&Co baby towel // 2017 Aussie Christmas Gift Guide

1.  Lovekins Skincare Range Gift Pack! Lovekins are one of our new brand additions here at Luxah. This is a luxe brand for babies with a strong focus on organic and natural ingredients. There’s also 2 gift packs from this range that you can find in out Gift Packs Category, however we selected the smaller pack as it comes with a reusable toiletry bag. This set comes to $79.95. You can also buy the individual Lovekins products in our Kids > Body Category (products range from $24.95 to $34.95 – moisturisers, face cream, body wash, hair wash, Nappy Cream, Massage oil and Sunscreen).

2.  Babies need to chew – a lot. Not only is it great for gum relief and jaw development, but also for sensory exploration. So the Nature Bubz stylish and safe teething toys are a popular pick for little ones. We have 5 Different colours to choose from and all of these have been made in Australia and exceed mandatory safety standards. We recommend this one for babies 3 months and older 🙂 Cost $22.95

3.  Banjo Kippin! He’s our fav. Banjo’s a organic, machine washable, ethically produced, and independently safety tested baby/kids comforter. He’s one of 8 different designs: We also have Bam (zebra), Billie (blue bear), Coco (Flamingo), Dash (Green Tiger), Kitty (Pink Cat), River (Rabbit) and Splits (Yellow Monkey). Great price point for this quality controlled and highly researched product- $33.95.

4.  We don’t have many of these left but they have been a popular baby shower gifts, so thinking it will work for Christmas too 😉 These are designer baby towels by Kip&Co. We have 2 prints, this one being the Slither Velour, the other called Crossroad. They are 100% cotton (700gsm for super softness) and are $49 each.

5.  This Organic Fawn Play Mat is a super unique piece that is for those people that would like to dish out a little more money for a quality keep-sake. This one comes to $145 and will be a great feature to a nursery. We selected this because it’s the kind of gift that you would be able to pass onto generations as a family item. Plus Free delivery 😉


// Lady Friends //

Emma Kate Co. 2018 Planner // 2017 Aussie Christmas Gift GuideBe.Bangles // 2017 Aussie Christmas Gift GuideRose Gold Drop Bottle // 2017 Aussie Christmas Gift GuideMy Bucket List Journal // 2017 Aussie Christmas Gift Guide

GiftSave1.  2018 Journals/Planners have been popular Christmas presents (as you will new starting a new year). Our fav pick for a Planner will have to be the Emma Kate Co Planner (which comes in blush, grey, and black). These have been carefully designed for a busy lifestyle and have been adapted and improved on since the first release last year. This version is now, smaller, lighter, better protected and has an improved design to it’s page layouts. They are also a bit fancy with the gold foil on the front cover and come gift boxed. These come to $59.95. Check out the product to see it’s page design and features. You won’t disappoint with this one.

2.  This is such a gorgeous candle. The scent is super strong and the packaging is so beautiful. If you want to wow your girlfriend, this is the one for them! Especially if they’re candle fans. This one is a limited edition ‘Candied Orange Peel’ Beaker Candle and ranges from $45-$55 depending on which size you choose. This is made in Australia by the same people that make the fancy manly Black Reed Diffuser in the Gents list. I’ve found that these candles tend to last longer than other candles of their size- maybe due to them being so strong, you only have to have them burning for a couple of minutes before they fill the room with gorgeous fragrance!

3.  Be.Bangles! These are our number one best seller at Luxah this year! They literally fly out the door! We have 11 different versions of quote bangles- yes! 11! Most of the popular quotes, you can buy in both Rose Gold and Silver. This one: “Be the Shiniest Fu*king Unicorn in the Room” (sorry language) is our most popular, in both the silver and Rose Gold, closely followed by “Fu*king Fierce” and “You’ve Got This”. They’re designed to be a bit of fun and to also inspire and motivate women – so you can see why they would be a popular gift choice for all age groups. Also, a portion of the proceeds go to education resources for girls in Africa. These bangles are 100% hypoallergenic, nickel and lead free and are made of high-quality stainless steel (so you can wear them everyday without them discolouring). Prices range from $37.95 for the silver and $44.95 for the 18K Rose Gold coated.

4.  Meet the iconic Rose Gold Drop Bottle. This bottle is perfect gift coming into summer, designed so that you can drop your favourite fruits into the separate compartment in the centre, flavouring your water! There’s a metal strainer just below the top opening, so you won’t get fruit in your face when you are enjoying a sip. These are popular due to their point of difference (you don’t see them around everywhere) and Luxah was lucky enough to be the first store in Australia to stock them. These Drop Bottles are $53 and come fully packaged ready for gifting!

5. Everyone has goals and aspirations in their life- so why not help your friend to map out theirs? The ‘My Bucket List’ Journal is a gorgeous gift that’s been beautifully designed to be a keepsake that you can look to throughout your life. It includes interviews with successful individuals, space for photos, inspiring quotes, you name it! they’ve thought of everything! This journal comes to $40 🙂


// Guy Friends //

Fitzroy Extrovert Hand Wash // 2017 Aussie Christmas Gift GuideHunter Lab Cleansing Facial Scrub // 2017 Aussie Christmas Gift GuideLoki Coasters // 2017 Aussie Christmas Gift GuidePlatinum Kabi Bottle // 2017 Aussie Christmas Gift Guide

1.  Step back in time (only to the 70’s) to Fitzroy, Melbourne with the Fitzroy Extrovert Hand Wash! The Ronnie Ellis range combines a proudly Australian made product with a proudly Australian talent, taking the audacious, sexy and often shocking photography of Melbourne’s most famous social photographer, as it’s inspiration. It’s a fun, light-hearted gift that is manly enough to be a pretty cool hand wash 😉 This one comes to $29.95. Be sure to check out the other products to the Rennie Ellis range in our Gents Body category 🙂

2. Hunter Lab! as mentioned previously, this is an amazing natural skincare range for men. All the items in the gift pack before can be purchased separately (if you don’t have the budget for the gift packs). Out of the range, we picked the Cleansing Facial Scrub as our stand alone favourite. It comes in very stylish packaging with a zip-lock bag. This one comes to $39 and works really well as a stand-alone gift for your guy friend/boyfriend!

3. Another easy gift idea is the Navy Loki Felt Coasters (also available in grey) which are made from 100% Merino Wool. Great for a neutral gift or a Thor fan 😉 Just kidding, has nothing to do with Loki from Thor 😛 Comes in a draw string bag. $29.95 for a set of 4.

4. Status Anxiety is our favourite Australian Leather goods business. We stock a wide range of wallets and bags (especially for women), but we do have our favourite from the guys range that won’t break the budget. This Black Jonah Wallet is made from Italian Leather and comes ready-gift boxed (I should say… gift-tinned. It comes in a tin). We have this style in Camel and Chocolate also and a similar mens wallet “Darius” in the black. The Jonah Wallet is a great quality present that a guy can use everyday for just $69.95.

5. Kabi bottles are great, especially coming into summer. Best thing about these are that they keep cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours with no condensation! It also is vacuum sealed which helps bubbly liquids (carbonated drinks like coke) stay bubbly and fresh through out the day. We’ve picked the Platinum for the guys, but this bottle comes in a range of different colours to suit all tastes. The Platinum Kabi Bottle is $40.


// Christmas //

Oh wow, it’s been a massively long blog post… hope that some of you have actually made it to the end. We just wanted to add that we have our own Christmas Category where you can find our Christmas themed items. We have Christmas Stockings, Christmas Cards and Santa Sacks.

Christmas Items // 2017 Aussie Christmas Gift Guide

1.  We absolutely love our Christmas card range by Australian brand Fox and Fallow. These pretty cards come with gold foil details and are beautifully designed. All printed in Australia. Our favourite is this “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year” card which is super affordable at $5.95. Please also take advantage of our gift card writing service at checkout (if you are sending your gift direct to your family or friends- or if you don’t like handwriting in cards). We have 6 Christmas cards available in our Christmas Category.

2.  Our favourite out of the SACKME! Christmas range of stockings in the Classic Green Christmas Stocking. These are great quality made from 100% cotton twill and are machine washable. You’ll be able to use these for endless Christmas’s and who could not love the adorable pompom details! This Stocking comes in different patterns and colours and is just the right size to fit a good stash of presents in. They come to $29 each and are an affordable option to the Christmas Santa Sacks.

3-4.  If you happen to have a little more wiggle room as far as budget, we would recommend either the Kip&Co Velvet santa Sack Range or our Large Snow Reindeer Santa Sack. These are BIG and both are beautifully made. These range from $62 to $69.95 and I tell you, you won’t be disappointed.


And that’s our 2017 Aussie Christmas Gift guide 😀 We hope we have given you some ideas on what to give your loved ones and friends this Christmas. If you feel you need further help or have any questions regarding this guide, please feel free to email one of our team members over at [email protected], we will be happy to help 🙂 Please also take advantage of our FREE gift wrapping (We have 2 Christmas Wrap options) and FREE delivery on purchases over $75.

Luxah Free Christmas Gift Wraps

On behalf of the Luxah team, I would personally like to wish you all a Merry and Safe Christmas and look forward to working for you all in the New Year (Our second year of business!!! woohoo!).


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