Their name is Be. – and their bangles are designed to fight the thousands of messages women receive every single day, telling them that they are not enough.  Messages telling us to eat less, buy more and look different.  Be. believes strongly in sending you the message that you ARE enough. That you’re doing the best you can. That all you need is within you now. They want to inspire women to be the very best version of themselves – and to trust that no matter what’s going on – you’ve got this.

These stylish quote bangles are for the woman who wakes up each morning wondering if she is good enough, or the girl who looks in the mirror and decides to not to eat that day. Be. quote bangles are for the woman who is wondering if she should give up her dreams, or the entrepreneur who wonders if she’s really cut out for running a business. Be. are the mum who wonders if she’s raising her children ‘right’. 

Be. donates a portion of profits to the One Girl Foundation, so while you’re reaching for your dreams, you’re also helping a little girl reach hers too. 

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