Kippins Comforters are the newest craze amongst new parents. When pregnant with her first child in 2012, Kippins co-founder Heather Rowland was told she would never sleep again! As a major fan of sleeping, she went in search of the perfect comforter (a great way of helping baby feel secure when Mum or Dad isn’t around). But she couldn’t find anything that ticked all of the boxes: cool, organic, machine washable and ethically made.

It’s surprising to hear that traditional cotton farming is water and pesticide intensive. It puts pressure on natural resources and can devastate the communities surrounding the cotton farms. Residue from heavy chemical use can leak into the local eco-system, and handling these chemicals can severely impact the health and livelihood of the farmers who grow the crops. Organic cotton farming uses natural methods of pest reduction and fertilisation to make the crops grow. It’s what Mother Nature intended. Organically grown cotton is better for the farmers, the community and the Earth.

After a few years of perfecting the Kippins comforters design and organic production process, Kippins was launched in 2014. To this day, tens of thousands of happy babies are now getting super Kippiny! 

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