LUXAH Fragrance Oils (Individual)


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LUXAH Fragrance Oils (Individual). 8 Fragrance Oils to Choose from!

The LUXAH Fragrance Oils have been specially produced for LUXAH customers wanting to get that extra mile out of their Smelly Balls. Giving you the choice to switch your fragrances or simply to purchase more fragrance for your Smelly Balls. (You can find our range of Smelly Balls on HERE)

Take advantage of the reduced price (RRP:$25) bigger size, wider selection, and addition of Essential Oils*

Caution: These Fragrance oils are pure and can be a bit overwhelming if you are sensitive to strong scents. We recommend to use only one or two drops on the surface of your Smelly Balls first and then add scent to desired intensity. Please don’t use these fragrances if you are pregnant or suffer from medical condition(s) which make you sensitive to strong smells. Must not be ingested, make sure you wash your hands after application AND keep out of reach of Children.

Our scents are specially formulated to not stain your Smelly Balls but if they are in the sun, some discolouration may occur on the light colours after a long period of time.

*Fragrance Oils which contain Essential Oils are: Fruity Mojito, Orange Rose, Coconut Lime, Pear + Apple Martini, Very Berry Bang and Sandalwood + Honeysuckle. (Vanilla and Watermelon Spritz don’t contain Essential Oils).

Designed/Produced/distributed in Australia by LUXAH. Fragrance Oil formulated overseas.

Not tested on Animals. (The Fragrance is Vegan friendly but the Smelly Balls product is made of Felt-wool).

Size: 15mL of pure fragrance oil. Glass Amber Bottle with dripper: 7cm x 2.8cm


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