Raspberry Cashew Milk Chocolate

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This Raspberry Cashew Milk Chocolate is made with Amazonico Criollo, single origin Certified Organic Raw Cacao (44%) from Satipo, Peru, creamy raw cashews with the wild tang of wild raspberries and sweetened with Organic Evaporated Coconut Nectar.

Certified Organic | Fair Trade | Vegan | Cane sugar free | Soy Free | Dairy Free

Ingredients: Organic Raw Cashews (27%), Fair Trade Organic Evaporated Coconut Nectar, Organic Virgin Cacao Butter, Organic Raw Cacao Beans, freeze dried raspberry powder, organic cinnamon

Taste: Summer berries, nut, cinnamon

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Loving Earth is an ethically driven company that believes food is sacred. Loving Earth is a health food manufacturer in Melbourne, Australia, making bean-to-bar, whole-food chocolate, from really raw cacao. Loving Earth collaborates with small communities of growers in places like South America, Indonesia and Australia to support traditional cultivation methods of their heirloom crops. Loving Earth was founded on a desire to be an uplifting presence in the world. (Founder Scott Fry Pictured).

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