White Wave SoL Cup


LUXAH cruelty free & Vegan Symbol

This White Wave SoL Cup is a reusable glass coffee cup for optimistic drinkers and half full thinkers! As well as looking extremely stylish in the process.

The glass is hand blown (not machine made) making them extremely lightweight and ultra crystal clear. The glass contains a high percentage of borosilicate making it strong super strong.

SoL Cups are not only sustainable and eco-friendly but enhance the taste of your beverage! Perfect for coffee and tea drinkers alike!

A cup you can count on!

100% Bpa free
Microwave and Dishwasher Safe.
Designed in Australia. Made Overseas.

1x Hand blown glass cup
1x Spill-free silicon lid
1x Signature SoL thermal sleeve
Comes in a beautifully designed box, perfect for gifts!

Dimensions: (Comes in 2 sizes). Please select your preferred size using the drop down menu.

SMALL 8oz (236mL)
9cm x 10.1cm (with lid)
Gift Box: 10.1cm x 10.1cm x 10.5cm)

LARGE 12oz (354mL)
10 x 10.2cm (with Lid)
Gift Box: 10.1cm x 10.1cm x 10.6cm)SaveSave


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Rebecca Veksler founder of SoL Products



Rebecca Veksler is all about ending waste and embracing taste with her most recent venture, SoL Cups. SoL Cups are made to be sustainable, environmentally friendly, chemical free, and reusable. Each year in Australia, over one billion takeaway coffee cups are produced and disposed of. SoL cups are designed to help people move from that throwaway mindset and to start to be more environmentally supportive.



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