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Well.. well.. it’s that time of your again… The good’ol Valentine’s Day. I am actually amazed that I have someone to share this day with this year… I remember many years previously spending the day with my dog (which was great! no offence Buddy). So in fear that I would write a smooshed up post about how much I love my boyfriend, I have looked to Lyndsay Swan to give you guys some inspiration as to what to do on this day! Yes, her real name is Lyndsay Swan. Such a ‘Fairytale Princess name’ haha.

Lyndsay is my English friend. We studied design together. Good times. I often make fun of how she pronounces ‘yogurt’ (Yoogurrt) and says ‘you right…?’ and yes, she does drink a lot of tea. Please welcome Lyndsay to our LUXAH blog! Hopefully you will be seeing much more of her blog visits in future! Enjoy! x




Valentine’s Day Dilemma

For some, Valentine’s Day, is a lovely time of year, receiving flowers and cheesy loved up notes in a heart-shaped card from their significant other. For others it’s a no-go-zone, the idea of buying red foiled heart chocolates and teddy bears might make you cringe.

As a single girl in her 20’s, binge watching all of my favourite chick flicks is where it’s at for me.

So what to do whether you are in a relationship or not? Ultimately Valentine’s Day is about love, so love on, love your friend, your pet, your partner and yourself. Here are some things you could do: embrace the love people!

LUXAH BLOG // Valentine’s Day Dilemma

// Dinner Date //
Dress up fancy and book a table for 2 at that really lush restaurant you’ve been holding out for.

// Splurge on a hotel room //
If you’re that couple whose done every Valentine’s date idea in the book, take some time to unwind, and chill out in a spa and sauna included hotel with room service.

// Spend the day doing outdoor activities //
Go rock climbing, take a hike or hit your local swim centre and let out your inner child and have fun.

// Homemade fancy dinner //
Go old school and surprise your partner with a fancy homemade dinner. (Don’t forget the candles!)

// Coupon vouchers //
Sauce up the romance with some custom coupon vouchers, anything from a body massage to breakfast in bed.

LUXAH BLOG // Valentine’s Day Dilemma

// Movie night //
Spend the night with your ultimate celeb crushes, whether it’s George Clooney or Ryan Gosling, you’re bound to have a great night in. (I cannot wait!)

// Brunch date //
Take your bestie out and catch up over brunch. Because brunch is the best. Will you have breakfast or will you have lunch? Why not both!?

// Hit the town //
Dress up and go dancing with some cocktails in hand at your favourite club or bar. Get them happy hormones running!

// Spa sesh //
Treat yo’self! Book a spa sesh with your bestie, not only will you relax and unwind, you’ll feel great catching up with someone you love while doing it.

// Get Making //
Get your girlfriends round to have a crafty fun sesh and decorate, whether it’s cupcakes or cards for each other.

LUXAH BLOG // Valentine’s Day Dilemma

// Bombs away //
Chuck a bath bomb in your tub and light up some candles and listen to some quiet tunes.

// Lunch in the Park //
Grab your lunch and take a little walk or go cop a spot under a shady tree. And take some time to take in your surroundings in nature.

// Meditate //
Spend some quality time alone with yourself. You can meditate anywhere, as it’s all about focusing on your breathing. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale… You could do this on your picnic!

// Comfy //
Turn the TV and your phone off to escape from social media and curl up in bed with your favourite book and a cup of tea.

LUXAH BLOG // Valentine’s Day Dilemma

// Surprise walk //
Take your pooch somewhere new instead of your daily routine walk, try the local dog park – who knows, for one of you it might turn out to be a Must Love Dogs story. (Also a great chick flick movie to watch!)

// Fancy dog-friendly treats //
All you need is some tinned dog food, some love heart moulds and a couple of treats to garnish and wah-la!

// DIY toys //
From anything to putting some treats in an empty tissue box or keeping used yoghurt containers.

// Nice Digs Bandana //
Luxah has some swanky dog gifts and I tell you now, if I had a dog I would be raiding the ‘Pets’ tab under “All that Jazz”. Maybe I’ll just buy the Nice Digs bandana for myself… Is that weird?

What would you really love to do? What would float your boat?
Bride Wars here I come!


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