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Tired of boring coasters that are as exciting as watching paint dry? Say goodbye to dullness and hello to the naturally Australian Banksia Pod Coasters! Made from genuine Australian Banksia seed pods, these little wonders bring the beauty of the bush right to your tabletops! There’s 4 Banksia Pod Coasters included!

Each Banksia Coaster is a mini-masterpiece, boasting its own unique personality. These coasters are like the quirky members of a natural art gallery, with intricate patterns and textures that will make your guests go “ooh” and “ahh.” – Prepare for a tidal wave of compliments!

But these Banksia Pod Coasters aren’t just pretty accessories; they’re practical as well. They’re like tiny superheroes, ready to rescue your furniture from the evil clutches of condensation. No more annoying water rings ruining your favourite surfaces. These coasters soak up moisture like a desert cactus on a hot summer’s day.

You’ll be thrilled to know that our Banksia Coasters are 100% Aussie-made and sourced. We’re all about supporting local artisans and celebrating the wonders of our native flora. And here’s a little secret: these coasters are so natural, they don’t even know the meaning of the word “chemicals.” They’re like hippie coasters, man—naturally treated and full of good vibes.

Now, we have a tiny limitation, but it’s worth mentioning. Due to customs restrictions, we can’t jet these chemically untreated beauties off to international lands. But fear not! If you’re lucky enough to be Down Under, you can bask in the glory of these coasters. It’s like having a secret treasure only Aussies can enjoy.

Ready to unleash the magic of nature into your home while keeping your surfaces spotless? It’s time to invite our Banksia Pod Coasters to the party. Love the look? Why not check out our Banksia Pod Diffusers (They make great gifts)

Made in Australia.

Materials: Natural Banksia Seed Pod treated with 100% Australian Canola Oil.

Size: 9cm x 9cm x 1cm (approx.) 4 Coasters Included.


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Meet Anthony Hansen, the Aussie craftsman who’s turned Banksia seed pods into stylish and uniquely Australian made decor! He transforms Banksia seed pods into little pieces of art for your home; we’re talking stylish Banksia Pod diffusers and unique Banksia Pod coasters. All Australian made with love. Banksia Gifts Australia is a family owned and operated business, operating since 1985 and are currently based in Queensland, Australia.


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