The Bull Banksia (scientifically known as Banksia Grandis) is an abundant and easily recognisable tree species found in Western Australia. With an impressive height range of 5-15 meters, this particular type of Banksia boasts large cylindrical yellow flowers that can reach up to 35 cm in length.

The Banksia seed pod, a crucial part of the tree’s life cycle, takes approximately 24 months to mature and become suitable for harvesting. Remarkably, the Banksia tree regenerates its pods repeatedly, making it an exceptionally sustainable resource.

When collecting the seed pods (for the Banksia Pod Diffusers and Banksia Pod Coasters), great care is taken to ensure minimal harm is caused to both the tree itself and the Australian bushland. Skilled collectors venture into the bush on foot, ensuring they do not disturb the surrounding plants or wildlife. No heavy machinery is used during this meticulous process. Only seed pods that have naturally shed their seeds and completed the plant’s life cycle are handpicked.

To support forest management and conservation efforts, a royalty is paid to Western Australian Forestry for each seed pod collected. The collectors are assigned specific areas for pod collection, which are regularly rotated to prevent over-depletion. In any given area, only 10% of the available Banksia Seed Pods are allowed to be collected at a time. Banksia Gifts Australia also strives to assist other Harvesters in their initiatives to rejuvenate Australian bushland.

Once the harvested Seed Pods are transported to Banksia Gifts Australia headquarters on the Gold Coast, the manufacturing process commences. Skilled artisans employ a traditional wood-working technique called wood-turning. Each pod is carefully divided into sections and placed on a wood-turning lathe. Using a chisel, the outer layer of the seed pod is skillfully shaved away, revealing its unique and intricate pattern. The products are then meticulously hand-sanded using multiple grades of sandpaper and polished with 100% Australian Canola Oil to enhance the natural colour of the Banksia pod.

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