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We’re Luxah Gifts & Homewares! but you can call us Luxah for short. We are so excited that you have taken the time to have a look at some pretty awesome Australian Brands! We are super passionate about the talent we have here in Australia, and the chance to have our favourite Aussie products and Australian made gifts in the one neat and fun online store, well, we couldn’t pass that chance up! So, the Luxah baby was born!



Luxah is a small independent online gift shop located in Adelaide, South Australia.  We are all about supporting Australian Business! Hence we only stock Australian owned and operated brands! Many of our brands are from small businesses and we love that!

The current online retail industry has changed dramatically with the introduction of Amazon and online businesses ‘drop shipping’ (That’s when an online business receives your order and then sends an email to the person holding goods- in most cases, the business you bought the item from has never seen it in person or knows the quality of the goods).

Our aim is to move away from that method and bring a personal touch back into business and online retail. We want it to be obvious to YOU that a human being packed your order with love and gratitude. (My Yoga practice has rubbed off on me). We love making our customers feel special and to show that we are extremely grateful in your support; because you are helping us to keep doing what we love and of course, helping us to support our brands.

We regularly get asked where we got the name ‘Luxah’ from. It’s not based on ‘Laksa’ even though it’s delicious. It’s our version of ‘Luxe’ so it’s Lux’ah (Luxe with a bit of pizazz!).



First and foremost, Luxah strives to give you an enjoyable and easy shopping experience.
So please contact us if you have any questions or need some assistance.

Best and quickest way to contact us is via email:

General Inquiries / Collaboration Inquiries / Brand Applications
[email protected]

Inquiries Regarding Your Order
[email protected]

If you would like to speak to a person over the phone, please send us an email with your best contact number and we will give you a call. We had to take down our contact number as we were getting too many marketing/sales calls. We are a small team and would rather spend our time working for you guys! (our customers).



You will most likely notice a photo and text section underneath each product. This is our ‘ABOUT THE BRAND’ section and will tell you a little more about the talented Aussie(s) behind the products!

We can often forget that the products we buy have gone through a long process of dreaming, wishing, research, late nights, design revisions, money, sacrifice, and sometimes a lot of trial and error to come to the resolved and totally awesome product it is today. Our aim here at Luxah is to bring the real person who dedicated their time and energy to take it through these stages, and to celebrate them. We believe this personal touch will give your purchase here at Luxah added value.



A ‘LUXAH COLLABORATION’ is when our team collaborates with one or more of our brands to make a product just for you. In most cases we will hire the services of the brand and put together a product using our design team and resources.


Please email one of our team members at [email protected] (Please be aware that we can only take on a limited amount of collaboration projects per year).



If you’re anything like us (a sucker for pretty pictures) we usually make our purchasing decisions based on the product photo… So we created our Luxah icons to give you a quick hint about the product, without having to read a lengthy description!

We are also very aware that everyone has different views as to what certain ‘labels’ should and shouldn’t mean, so we have outlined what they mean to us. These are to be used as a guide only. If your purchasing decision is solely influenced by either one of the following criteria, you will need to read the product description for more information on how it applies.

All the products in Luxah have been checked and verified by our brands before they go live on the website. If you have any concerns about icons that have been used for certain products, please let us know.


LUXAH cruelty free & Vegan SymbolCRUELTY FREE & VEGAN ICON
0% Animal ingredients/materials used to make up the product & 0% Animal Testing.

Cruelty-free means that there was no animal testing used in the production of the product. Vegan means there are no animal ingredients/materials in the product. We’ve combined the two, but there may be products that only qualify for one; in this case, we will leave the icon out completely. For example, if a product is treated with beeswax (an ‘animal’ product) then there will be no icon present, even though there wasn’t any animal testing involved in its production

You will notice that our Cruelty Free & Vegan Icon is not the official CCF Rabbit logo by Choose Cruelty Free (CCF)- Australia. To be able to use this logo, there are strict legal processes and fees. In most cases our brands have done this (are fully accredited). Some of our smaller brands know that their product is Cruelty Free & Vegan, but have not registered their use of the CCF Rabbit logo. If you are a bit concerned by this, we recommend that you go to the brand’s website or look up the product on the Choose Cruelty Free website. Alternatively, you can contact us to request more information, and we will do our best to get you those extra details.



90%+ making process controlled by hand AND product produced in small batches.

This is our Hand Made With Love Icon. Everyone has different views as to what ‘Handmade’ means when it comes to a product. So we will try and explain what it means to us: We would consider a product to be ‘Handmade’ if a large percentage of what makes up the product/or what makes the product ‘finished’ has been Handmade. We judge this decision on a number of factors, and it really comes down to the specific product, so please read the product descriptions for more information.

In some instances, a product could be considered ‘Hand Made’ (with the help of a sewing machine). We will state this in the product description, but the product would have to be made in small batches/numbers to receive the ‘Hand Made With Love Icon’.

Disclaimer: regarding the ‘With Love’ label- most of our products are made with love, but we cannot 100% guarantee that the person making said product at that time was in a loving mood… Unless the product was a Luxah collaboration, then we can guarantee that there was a love fest involved.




95%+ ingredients or materials need to be ‘Natural’

Natural ingredients can also refer to ‘materials’ that make up a product. We will still use the Natural Ingredients Icon if a large percentage of the whole product is natural, and then outline what’s not natural in the product description. This is common when it comes to skin care products. These products may be labelled as ‘natural’ and actually be 95-99% made with natural ingredients, but may still contain a preservative/perfume.

We must stress that ‘Natural’ doesn’t always mean ‘Organic’. Organic ingredients/materials are natural, but also need to be harvested/produced without any added unnatural ingredients/products used. If the ‘Organic’ title is important to you, please check that the product description says that the product is Organic and for skin care products, check the Ingredients listed.


Founder/Owner of the Brand is considered ‘Australian’. (Have citizenship in Australia and operate their business from Australia).

All of the brands we stock at LUXAH are from businesses that have been founded by an Australian, currently owned by an Australian and are based in Australia. So rest assured that your hard earned money is supporting Australian businesses when you make the decision to shop at LUXAH.


90%+ Materials/Ingredients grown/produced here in Australia.

This icon relates to the origin of the products ingredients/materials being from Australia. Again, a large percentage of the overall product will have to be from Australia to get this icon.



Our focus is to support Australian Brands (businesses). In some cases, Australian businesses (depending on what kind of product they produce) need to look outside Australia so they can make their product from the best materials, yet still be affordable to us in Australia. There’s also a number of brands that outsource to specific charity foundations overseas, and we think this is a good thing. We will clearly outline where the product was made in the product description, if selecting products that are Australian made is important to you.

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