Large Espresso Candle


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This yummy Large Espresso Candle takes after Adelaide of South Australia.

So… you know when a barista with a moustache, a flat-cap and a shiny coffee machine tells you his ‘single-origin coffee beans have the aroma of dried cherries and children’s tears’ and you just really want a coffee that smells and tastes like coffee? We don’t muck around: dark, roasted coffee beans and a hint of chocolate – this fragrance will take you to your happy place – no barista BS.

Triple-scented (it’s even super strong without even having to light it!)

Hand poured in South Australia using Natural Soy Wax.
Featuring a wooden wick for a longer lasting candle.

Dimensions: Candle: 11cm x 9cm, Box: 12cm x 9.5cm. 55+ Hours Burn time.

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BEL Founder of Belash Candles



Bel, founder and beautiful candle maker of Belash Soy Candles started her candle business in October, 2014. She had always admired the power of a good candle; making you feel happy and calm with beautiful scents and glowing candle light. Months of research, trials, and testing paved the way to her luxurious range of South Australian inspired soy candles. Every candle in the range is personally hand-poured by Bel with the same love and care that went into her very first candle. Oh, and they all smell fricken amazing!

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