More people are going vegan these days. In 2022, more than 3,000 surveyed Australians claimed to follow a vegan diet. Changing health concerns, environmental footprint, animal welfare, and peer influence are some of the reasons behind this increase in veganism. As such, you likely have a friend who’s considering going vegan or is already practising this lifestyle.

Whether your vegan friends are beginners or long-time practitioners, they’ll surely appreciate gaining more knowledge about their chosen lifestyle. If you’re looking for gifts for their birthday or the upcoming holidays, consider giving them a book on veganism. Here are some options they may like:

The Whole Vegetable by Sophie Gordon

For the new or seasoned vegan practitioner, making plant-based meals can easily get repetitive if they’re unaware of the endless possibilities available to them!

The Whole Vegetable by Chef Sophia Gordon is a collection of 130 creative plant-based recipes categorised by season. It details the different dishes that one can create with seasonal fruits and vegetables so your friend has various vegan and plant-based meals to make at any point in the year. Following these recipes also allows your vegan friend to minimise their food waste. After all, eating seasonally means they’ll buy locally grown produce that takes less resources to transport and store. You can even gift this book with some reusable food wraps to help them keep the meals they make from it fresh for longer.

Fiber Fueled by Dr. Will Bulsiewicz

Many people go vegan to consume more nutrients that can improve their health. Among the benefits of following the vegan wave include better heart health and cancer prevention, as vegan diets are rich in antioxidants. However, simply cutting animal products from one’s diet isn’t enough for better nutrition. Even the best weight loss programs know that the kind of food one eats will improve one’s overall health and well-being, so indiscriminately eating any kind of plant-based items won’t do on its own. If your friend isn’t getting the proper nutrients from them, they may not achieve their health goals.

That’s where Fiber Fueled by gastroenterologist Dr Will Bulsiewicz comes in to help your friend maximise the fibre-rich vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and nuts to restore their health, improve their microbiome, and boost their weight loss. It has a 28-day programme and 65 recipes and advice they can follow to maintain their health as a vegan practitioner.

Plant-Based on a Budget by Toni Okamoto

Buying organic and plant-based products can be expensive, mainly due to the environmental enhancement and protection efforts that go into growing, harvesting, and transporting these goods.

Fortunately, Plant-Based on a Budget can show your friend that it’s possible to not just whip up budget vegan recipes but do so in 30 minutes or less. The book lists ingredients that aren’t too expensive, so beginner vegans or those who want to save money can financially sustain this lifestyle. Overall, the book proves how it’s possible to transition to eating vegan without breaking the bank.

Once Upon a Time We Ate Animals by Roanne van Voorst

With veganism becoming increasingly popular, your friend might be wondering what the future holds for it. Once Upon a Time We Ate Animals can satisfy their curiosity: it details how that future might look like if more people stopped eating animal products. The book also discusses how continuous or unregulated meat consumption will harm the planet.

Many articles have noted that following a plant-based diet could ultimately be better for one’s health and the environment, as the current food system is a significant driver of environmental resource use and pollution. As such, plant-based alternatives are promising for the people and the planet. This book illustrates how a vegan future is possible and, ultimately, necessary.

Gifting books to your vegan friends is a great way to support their lifestyle. If you’re looking for another gift idea, this list is a great place to start!

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