The Must-Have Bucket List Book

Explore the World, chase your passions and make your wildest dreams a reality with this must-have Bucket List Book. Packed with inspiring quotes, goal-setting exercises, and interviews with successful individuals; this journal will be your ultimate guide to living life to the fullest.


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Why Should Everyone Utilise A Bucket List Book?

Many people feel that their daily routines can become monotonous and want to add new experiences and challenges to their lives. Utilising a Bucket List Book can work as a useful tool to plan, discover and record your life goals.

Additionally, it’s also a great way to get motivated, take action and make changes. Having a list of specific goals can help you overcome procrastination and take steps towards achieving your dreams.

Whether you’re looking to travel the World, try new things, or simply make the most of each and every day, a Bucket List Book is the perfect tool to help you achieve your goals and in turn, provide you with a personalised keepsake you can share with friends and family for years to come.


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YOU Decide What To Add To Your Bucket List.

Everyone is different, so it’s no surprise that everyone has different goals in life.

This is where the My Bucket List Creative Journal comes in; fully customisable to suit your unique goals and aspirations.

It includes 101 bucket list experiences, blank and ready for you to fill in: Whether you’re dreaming of traveling to the Pyramids of Giza, sampling cheeses and wines in France, or skydiving in your local city, the My Bucket List Creative Journal has the space for you to jot down all of your wildest dreams and aspirations.


AXEL & ASH My Bucketlist Creative Journal
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Journalling Spreads

Plan & Record Your Bucket List Goals

One of the best features of this thoughtfully designed Bucket List Book is it’s question spreads.

These questions allow you to get a clearer understanding of what you want to achieve and what aspects of the goal is the most important to you. It also helps you to break down your goal, prioritse and plan out the next course of action!

Once you have achieved your goal, fill in the right ‘after’ section with how you went, record your experiences, and attached a happy snap! Pisst! don’t forget to head to your Bucket List to tick off that goal!




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Get Motivated:

Hear From Successful Individuals & Be Encouraged With Inspirational Quotes.

Learn from successful individuals who have achieved great things in their own lives. Through these interviews you will hear about their achievements but also about their journey, and lessons learned along the way.

Hard work, dedication and perseverance are all part and parcel of achieving your goals. It can serve as a reminder that success is not always a straight line, and that even the most successful people have faced obstacles and challenges along the way. It’s all apart of life.

These interviews are also a great source of practical advice on how to achieve your own goals. You will learn about the strategies and techniques these successful individuals have used to overcome obstacles, stay motivated, and reach their goals. This can be incredibly valuable as you work through your bucket list.


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Visualising and Recording Your Bucket List Goals:

Space for your Photos, And A World Map For Travel!

This Bucket List Book also features space for you to insert your own photos to journal your progress and record your achievements. It’s a great time capsule to reflect upon when you have completed your list.

And this gem wouldn’t be complete without a World Map for you to map out your travel aspirations and record the places you’ve visited. This allows you to see your progress and also plan for future trips.


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Designed For You:

Achieve Your Bucket List Goals In Style

Looks do matter and as your Bucket List Book will be with you for some time, great care has been taken to making sure its durable and something you will be proud to have on your bookshelf.  The My Bucket List Creative Journal is beautifully bound with black durable cloth and features gold foil text on the cover. The black elastic keeps the journal snug, ensuring that all of your notes and ideas stay safe and secure.



So What Are You Waiting For?

Start Living Your Best Life With The Best Bucket List Book!

While the My Bucket List Creative Journal  has a “feminine touch,” it can be enjoyed by anyone looking to set and achieve their goals. Additionally, it pairs well with the luxurious gold-dipped Sky Feather Pen, making it the perfect duo.

So, grab a copy today and start living your best life!

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