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… Do you want to send a gift to someone who is located in Australia but you’re located overseas? We can help!

Even better, we can make it an easy process that takes out the stress and saves you money and time! Can I get a ‘hell yeah!’….

Hell yeah!

We also have some things to keep in mind if you would like to do it yourself (below)

Luxah is equip to take payments from outside Australia, so you can use your PayPal account or your credit card at checkout, just like if you would if you were making online purchases in your own country.

We take care of gift wrapping, card writing and posting for you 🙂

Sending Gifts To Australia has never been easier!


Here are some quick and easy steps on how to send gifts to Australia without having to get out of your pjs:


1. Browse Luxah’s range to find that perfect gift. 

Browse Luxah’s range of Australian designed gifts and homewares. Check for the Australian made icon if you would like to purchase something made here or the cruelty free and vegan icon if your friend/family member has special requirements.

You are not restricted to any customs regulations as we are based in Australia and are able to send all items presented online to the receivers location.

*If you spend over $100AUD, we will ship for FREE!
(Way better than having to gift wrap your gifts, pack them and then pay international shipping rates and custom duties).


2. Select your greeting card.

We offer a handwritten card service with your order, so all you have to do is select a greeting card for the special occasion, add to cart, and we will hand write your message on your behalf. We have a link at the top of the cart page so you can easily add your greeting card to your order.

sending gifts to australia
sending gifts to australia

*Please make sure you leave your message at checkout (underneath the gift wrap options). Include your name (example: lots of love from ‘Jackie’). They won’t know who it’s from unless you write it in the card.

sending gifts to australia

3. Billing & Delivery Information

When you proceed to the checkout page, be sure to enter YOUR details in the left ‘billing details’ column. The delivery details will be in the right column which will include the delivery address and order details. If you have a contact number for the receiver- leave this in the ‘Courier Instructions’.

Australian Addresses usually have a (unit number) if multiple addresses are on the same land, ‘house number’ with all addresses as the main ‘land number’, street name (which can also end with ‘avenue’, ‘court’ or ‘crescent’), Suburb name, State (which is either ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, VIC, WA) and lastly a post code. If you’re unsure about this, please verify with the receiver to make sure it gets delivered to the correct address.

sending gifts to australia


4. Custom Fields

Select your gift wrap. We offer free gift wrapping with all orders. Simply select your wrap from the drop down menu (we have pics so you can see what each wrap looks like). We also have more details about our wraps on our Gift Wrapping Page.

You can let us know if you would like for us to wrap some gifts is different gift wraps (great for when you’re purchasing for a family and would like for them to each feel special). If this is the case, simply leave these instructions in the ‘special wrapping/order instructions’.

Please review your order details and follow the links to pay. It’s that easy.

We will send you an order confirmation (no receipts are included in the parcel), and you will also receive tracking updates so you know when your parcel has been delivered.

That’s it. You’re all done. If you have any questions on how we send gifts to Australia, please shoot us an email. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

luxah gift wrap

…but what if I want to do it myself?
All good! We have outlined some things to consider below.


Selecting Your Gifts

Purchase your gifts either in-store or online and gift wrap. Keep in mind that it’s best to purchase gifts that can’t easily be broken, gifts that are light weight and also gifts that are not restricted by Australian customs (see below).

Packing Your Gifts

It’s important to consider your packaging skills- your gifts have to be shipped overseas and are most likely going to get bumped and moved around during their journey. A good sturdy double-walled box and fill is strangely recommended. Make sure that there is no movement within the box by giving it a little shake.

Australian Customs

When sending gifts (from Overseas) into Australia, you are legally required to complete and declare a customs invoice for your shipment (even if it’s a gift). If your shipment is not accompanied by a customs invoice, it will not make it past the local country boarder and you will have to pay expensive return charges to get it back. It’s also important to note that you have to declare every item included in your shipment, this includes packaging materials (I know, that’s a lot of form filling in). Ultimately, it comes down to you organising these documents and spending the time to go to your local post office and filling out these forms. Which can be daunting if it’s not something you do regularly.

// Additional Costs to Consider When Sending Gifts to Australia //

Packaging Materials

This is an additional cost that doesn’t pop up until you’re at the post office, ready to ship your goodies. Often a good sturdy box and fill is an additional charge that is no fun. As you’re sending to Australia, it’s important to purchase a new box or make sure that the box your reusing has not carried fruit or meat products previously. Boxes that once contained veggies or meat are considered a quarantine risk and are prohibited. (We have sniffer doggies that can pick up on this).

DON’T use organic type material to fill/cushion your gifts in the box. Straw or dried plant material are prohibited. We recommend to use scrunched up paper, newspaper or foam beans.


In most cases insurance is an optional extra, you either pay the money or hope for the best. It’s a risk. Knowing how things are shipped, we strongly recommend you insure your gifts as they often have a long distance to travel. Aside from the high risk of getting damaged, there’s also a chance that it may get misplaced or even lost. We strongly recommend you take out tracking as you will be able to follow your gift to it’s destination and this will make it easier for you to know if there is a delay.


Not gonna lie, shipping costs are one of the main reasons our customers choose to go through our site to send gifts to Australia. Depending on the size and weight of your parcel, you could be paying upwards of $60AUD in just shipping fees.

Duties & Taxes

This is also a not-so-fun charge involved in sending gifts to Australia from overseas, the dreaded duties and taxes. This is a regulation imposed by the Australian Customs Authorities (Thanks Australia!) and isn’t something you can negotiate. Who wants to get nasty additional costs? No one. These costs are often passed onto the receiver (in Australia) and your gift will be held until these fees are paid in full. You don’t want to pass on these fees to the receiver. It’s not the best way to send a gift.

Restricted Items

Australia has some items that you can’t send into the country. Some of these items include, food items (such as raw coffee beans, and toys filled with seeds), plant material (including wood, teas, dried plants such as leaves and herbs) and animal products (artifacts and goods made with raw hide, feathers, teeth and bones). It’s important to check that you’re not sending in any products that contain these items. It’s often hard to know exactly what is in your gift unless you specifically ask.

If your gift does contain any prohibited items, it could be held with extensive delays and can incur additional charges. You could be fined more than $60,000AUD for breaching Australia’s quarantine laws…. Yikes!

how to easily send gifts to australia

 We hope you enjoyed our Sending Gifts to Australia blog post. If you have any questions on how we can help you to send gifts to Australia, please let us know 🙂

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